Donald "You’re fired" Trump Firing on all cylinders !!

Good Morning to All ! from Barcelona ! Amazing place and full with tourists in this season, after all its arguably the first Smart City of the world. Relaxing and enjoying in the city i can’t take my eyes off from an interesting battle brewing up on the other side of the Atlantic. Yes i am referring to the battle to win Democratic and Republican nominations for 2016 U.S Presidential elections. 
The readers of this blog may say – Whats so fascinating in it? After all it does happen whenever the elections are about to take place. This line of argument although true doesn’t reveal the full nature of the plot unravelling. If we take the history of US in the last 25-30 years there has always been a role reversal between Republican and Democrats in a period of 8 years or 2 terms for a president. Going by this Stats the Republicans seem a natural favourite after 2 terms of Obama administration. But the Democrats see a glimmer of hope in Ms. Clinton the fmr Secretary of State who was one of the first to announce her candidature. Her email controversy and her lack of firmness could spoil the party anyways.The Republicans on the other hand are grappling with a long list (around 20) of people from all walks of life throwing their hat in the  election.  
One of them is a very interesting character and my childhood favourite Boss – Donald Trump who gave a whole meaning to reality TV show by offering a Job Opportunity. Each episode of the Series ended with the words “You’re fired” from Mr. Trump crushing the hopes of a young professional. 
His true professional conduct during the show and the evaluation of the candidature is something that would be an envy for every manager. He showed lots of guts in sometimes eliminating favourites and then elaborating reasons for doing soon. The Real Estate Billionaire seemed to be an Ultimate Favourite Boss. He is now back with the same mojo and charisma although in another arena. 
Mr. Trump is the GOP front runner according to opinion polls. Many critics are surprised by the results and consider his candidature as an advertising stunt for his Business Interests. Everyone is entitled to their views but no one can deny that he has made the contest multi cornered and unpredictable. It seemed there would be another Bush Vs Clinton fight with Mr. Jeb Bush the son of the first Bush president and the brother of the second. His verbal attacks on other GOP nominees are making headlines everywhere and it seems his opponents are not able to match up in aggression. 
The recent first open television debate for top 10 Republican Nominees drew a good amount of response and although the debate did not fare as well as Mr. Trump would have wanted, his ratings seem to be more or less intact. This has more to do with poor performance of other candidates particularly Mr. Jeb Bush who was quite tepid in answering ” Why should America elect another Bush?”. 
The next round of debates would be far more crucial in firming up a wide public opinion. As 
Mr. Trump has created his own rules and gone out of conventional thinking, it needs to be seen in coming months if the American People still have the appetitive for Mr. Trump’s Barb and flamboyant personality. 

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